UAV images need to be rectified and validated for accuracy using sophisticated software before they can be used for conducting any study or analysis. As one of the early providers of UAV image processing and data analysis services in the industry, Falcon Vision UAV allows you to put your UAV imagery to use for a range of commercial, environmental, and governance requirements. We use a combination of UAV post processing software and industry-standard photogrammetry software like InFO Match, Civil 3d, Carlson, ESRI and Pix4d just to mention a few to create a range of 3D stereo models using the processed UAV data.

Our services include the following:

UAV data acquisition
Image processing
Data modeling – DEM / DTM / DSM
3D feature extraction

In order to provide end-to-end support with respect to UAV image interpretation, Falcon Vision UAV LLC. has entered into strategic partnerships with various organizations that are competent in flying UAVs. Based on your industry and your requirements, we can help you identify the right kind of UAV and the most suitable UAV flight provider from among our strategic partners.

How you Benefit

  • Work with one of the earliest, and therefore, one of the most experienced providers of UAV data processing services.
  • Access the best in class tools and software to process UAV images.
  • Cost effective services that allow you to retain the overall cost advantage of employing UAVs.
  • Fast turnaround time for data processing.
  • Faster deployment to on-site investigations.